Thursday, 23 May 2013

LEON cook5/Times prize weekend!!


remember a few weeks ago I told you about the cookery competition I won. It was with LEON restaurants and there cook5 website and the Times newspaper. Well it was great. I am going to tell you about it.

My mum went with me. We went on the plane and a few taxis an we eventually got to the hotel witch was great - we stayed at One Aldwich I loved the underwater music in the pool. We went for lunch at Wahaca. And then gone to Hamleys and Fortnum and Mason.

The next day I got a taxi with the other winners Mia and Poppy to the cooking school Food at 52 and it looked fab. You should see it for yourself! first i found all my ingredients  and then everybody started  to arrive. Henry Dimbleby, John Vincent and Beth from LEON, Giles Coren and Tony Turnbull from the Times newspaper, and Raymond Blanc.

Me cooking the dish


Raymond Blanc was rely  kind.  He showed me how to prepare squid, he told me to add the salt to my risotto first (which I have never done before). Raymond  has a HUGE Love of food. IT was great to see Raymond   like my food so much. my recipe was a barley risotto with asparagus and lemon juice, and squid. I was pleased how it turned out ( because it was the tastiest I have ever cooked it!). 

HENRY AND JOHN were rely nice and they gave me a basket of goodies from LEON.

My finished dish

The tasting

Me with Mia and Poppy

The day finished with a cookery demonstration from Raymond of pistou soup and chocolate mousse. I think they are rely beautiful. some day I want to have my own restaurant like Raymond. It would be nice to cook for him again in his restaurant!

 the weekend was a life time experience.